Exciting things are happening for women in business.  Women are seeking to optimize their advancement in their careers and are also becoming the dominant force in small business ownership. Women are now in their ELEMENT when it comes to being in business and in leadership roles.  

HER ELEMENT NETWORK was created to specifically assist women in optimizing their advancement in their business and advance in their career. 


HER ELEMENT NETWORK was created to MENTOR, INSPIRE & EMPOWER women to take their career and business to the next level. Our unique platform of expert affiliate advisors and innovative personal and professional development systems helps supports women in business and their profession to keep growing. 


HER ELEMENT NETWORK matches members with affiliated expert advisors in business, professional and personal development.  The key areas of development are in the following:

  • Business & Professional Development

  • Mentorship Program

  • Sales & Marketing Development Program

  • Health & Wellness Program

  • ​Personal Development Program